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Libertarianism, Wiccans and the freeish market
The only thing that really disturbs me with libertarianism is their way of redefining capitalism so that any human being engaging in any form of economic activity is a "capitalist". That is perverting the language, and is only done to obfuscate the lines between capitalism and other form of voluntary economic systems (of which capitalism is one of the least voluntary, as it has been born out of government intrusion into the economy).

Libertarianism in the US is a petty-bourgeois reaction against capitalism. The fun thing is that they don't understand it themselves, and that their solution would basically achieve none of the things they think it will achieve.

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RE: Libertarnism, Wiccans and the freeish market - by Lewx_Lucas - 08-29-2014, 05:31 PM

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