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Ice stars and the deep future of the universe
Although the necessary metalicities couldn't exist naturally at this point in history, they could presumably be engineered. Perhaps by using a deep well to transmute some of a dwarfs material into heavier elements and dumping it back into the dwarf. It might take some centuries or longer to set up, but such projects are fairly routine in OA.

I can see either the Negentropists going in for this or maybe the Muuh. We've been wondering what they do with their time after all. The ice star might be too warm for Muuh bubble habs, but perhaps could be orbited by Muuh habs of some kind. It would basically be a sort of economy sized Hotpoint

Actually the Backgrounders might also go in for these in some cases. Or some Deeper Covenant communities. Although I rather like the notion of the Muuh doing it first and Terragen civ then being inspired to create their own.

Just some thoughts,


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