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Lucy - Spoilers

I saw Lucy this weekend. From the previews and the premise, I defensively turned off my brain before entering the theater. (A pub in the same plaza helped my preparations.) You could see Luc Besson's fingerprints over a lot of the scenes; there's a similarity in delivery to 5th Element.

Scarlett Johannson (sp) was the gem of this film. She conveyed a fast-developing intellect quite well (whether or not the underlying premise was any good), with lots of close-ups of her face and expressions rather than the rest of her anatomy (unlike, say, Avengers). Honestly, I felt she gave some impression of what it's like to be a Superior or transapient in a modosophont world (before stepping into space-time control and other powers beyond the scope of Orion's Arm.)

Special effects were good. You got a nice tour of the birth of the solar system and, I think, the birth of the universe.

Otherwise...the movie didn't hold up too well.
**Morgan Freeman beat you with a club explaining how we only use 10% of our brain and explained in advance (with no evidence) what powers someone with a better-utilized brain would exhibit, and those are exactly what Lucy displayed. This exposition probably useful for most of the audience because if you didn't know what powers she was going to display then the film probably came across like a bad acid trip.
**I was interested in the organized crime syndicate and its portrayal - initially. Then the crime boss went on an illogical revenge spree, which sort of lost my interest. I figured anyone that could set up an organization that good would probably know to cut their losses before bringing a couple dozen heavily armed men (complete with rocket launcher) into Paris.

Parts of the movie remind me quite a bit of "Altered States" and a little of "Brainstorm," though Lucy probably won't get the same acclaim as those films.

I enjoyed the movie to fill a slow Sunday afternoon, though I have no plans to buy a copy later. I don't think it was good enough to see again except on free TV. My moderately positive opinion is not universally shared at work. A fellow scifi-loving coworker detested it and is in trouble with his wife (who also tends to enjoy scifi movies) for dragging her to it. I'm told his penance will be attending several romance movies.
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