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So hi!

I've only recently been acquainted with this lovely project of yours, and am just starting to grasp the edges of its wikipedia-like depth. I've been a fan of sci-fi (hard and otherwise) for some years now, being baptized in the works of Niven, Bear, and Baxter. I'm just now (amazingly) getting into the Culture series and am in love with the structure presented by such a well-defined universe, each story filling out more of the details, making it more real.

I look forward to hopefully being a part of such a grand universe!
One of the great things about the OA universe is that it is collaborative, so even new contributors can add new ideas and directions to the project. Although Orion's Arm did have a lot of important input from Anders Sandberg, Alan Kazlev and Aaron Hamilton in the early days, we have built upon their initial contributions and developed the universe considerably, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future (whatever that is likely to turn out like).
Hi There, Welcome to OA!

If you have any questions or concerns about how the project or the forum works, please feel free to post em here or to whatever thread seems relevant. Same goes for any ideas for additions or changes to the setting. Or you can also contact an Admin directly via PM. If you happen to be a fiction writer and would like to try your hand at stories set in the OA universe, the next issue of Voices: Future Tense, our ezine should be coming out around the end of August or sometime in September.

Beyond that, please feel free to join in any ongoing discussions or start your own, as you prefer.

Hope this helps, and once again: Welcome to OASmile

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