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Distance from the sun for tidally locked world
The biomes are largely "Terran". Carbon-based life-forms. Plants that live on photosynthesis, water and nutrients, animals living on plants and other animals. The atmosphere is slightly denser and richer, and also marked by turbulence centered on the solar pole. There are plant and animal life in the atmosphere, and gravity is slightly lower than on Earth due to a slightly lower mass.

Steve: It is a S-type system, where the planet in question orbits (A).

The main sapient species are basically humanoid, but have lagomorph-like lower bodies and amphibian-like skin. They are mostly relying on sight and on hearing, and began as a hunter-gathering species living near the dim rim of the ice sheets (look at the map). They have two sexes, male and female, and were originally colony-dwelling (much like rabbits), with matriarchal overtones.

During the summer period, when (B) is on the side of (A) in regards to the planet in question, this stimulates the hormones, causing increased sexual behaviour, which in most cultures have resulted in a solution whereas males are living outside the main settlements, "in the wilderness", and mating is surrounded by courtship rituals, as well as ritual combat between males. The reason for the periodic expulsion of the male population during the summer is to prevent the breakdown of social order.

Most religions (which belong to a common mythos reminiscent of henotheistic-polytheistic mythologies on Earth) basically portrays (A) as a feminine goddess of life, warmth and fertility, and (B) as Her husband "the hunter", who during the winter is wandering the Nightlands, bringing prey to His spouse. The cosmology is built on the idea that the world is flat and surrounded by eternal sheets of ice.

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