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Distance from the sun for tidally locked world
If that is the daylit hemisphere, the area in the red circle isn't the south pole, it is the 'subsolar point'; sometimes called the 'hot pole'. Tidally locked planets do rotate, but only once per (local) year; so they will have a notyh and south pole of rotation just like any other world. The south pole is probably at the bottom of your image, assuming you have adopted the convention of placing the south at the bottom (some older astronomical maps have the south at the top).

The subsolar point will probably be the hottest region on the world, although this dependes on the rotation and circulation of the atmosphere. On tidally locked worlds with a short year/day/rotation period (these three are the same thing in a tidally-locked world) the atmospheric rotation will be more pronounced, so the hottest part of the planet is displaced by airflow in the opposite direction to the spin.

Some tidally locked worlds have areas of cyclonic rotation at the subsolar point, which may be persistent for many years or centuries. But there is no reason for a cyclone in this position to favour rotation in one direction or another, so the spin of the cyclone might swap directions perriodically or at random.
Wrote "solar pole". Wink

The nightside is basically entirely covered by a sheet of ice

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