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Hi, guys!
Hello! I'm Brazilian and I love all the interesting aliens... errrr... I mean, xenosophonts, megastructures and terragen clades present in the Orion's Arm universe. Your universe is helping me with inspiration to a sci-fi universe that I am (trying) to create - what is not an easy task, because I'm just a poor baseline. My universe is a traditional sci-fi universe, with some differences based in Orion's Arm:

- I'm trying to use real science instead of technobabbles and handwavium, but some unrealistic tech (hyperdrives/jumpdrives, artificial gravity, teleportation, etc.) are present in the form of millenia old Godtech of unknow origin;

- there are human like aliens, but these "aliens" are human clades descendent of a previously unknow human/humanoid spacefaring civilization destroyed millenia ago under mysterious circumstances;

- there are Archailects in my universe, but they are really archaic - with dozens or even hundreds of millions (or maybe billions) of years - and they behave in a way similar to the First Ones of Babylon 5 universe - giants traveling the galaxy performing tasks incomprehensible to modosophonts (I never liked of the concept of energy based aliens with magic like super-cosmic powers Undecided).

- finally, non-human alien species are much more common and numerous than the previously cited human/humanoid clades (some of these aliens species are bipedal, but they are rare compared to the others) - indeed, they have some sort of unifed government similar to Gene Roddenberry's Systems Commonwealth, Star Wars Old Republic or Star Trek Federation.

I really hope to have plenty of inspiration to make my universe while I'm here! Big Grin oh, and forgive my bad English - like I said before, I'm Brazilian and my English is really, really rusted. Tongue

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