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What are some of your favorite Science Fiction
So what kind of Science Fiction does everyone around here like? TV, Movies, Books, etc.

I like

Serial Experiments lain,I empathize greatly the main character and greatly enjoy a lot of the themes

Star Trek TOS and to a lesser extent TNG, TOS for having lots of really interesting episodes and TNG for having a cool cast and the Borg (not to mention being a late 80's early 90's cultural icon). also a cool vision of a future society (even if a few things bug me) and one of the few science fiction series that feature a democratic government rather than an Empire or some other autocracy.

Digimon, the first series as a great science fantasy show that got me to like computers and the third as an awesome cyberpunk show with great charters

Star Wars, Science fantasy but I really loved seeing it as a kid, a society where space travel was as routine as boating is for us. Also I am a sucker for any story were an oppressive government is overthrown by rebels. not to nuts about the force but I never found it to be a big issue.

twilight zone, what can I even say? it covers so much and is generally so well written even if it is really old it has held up very well in my mind.

others that I like but would not consider favs

Ghost in the Shell, famed cyberpunk Anime series, some really cool action but I never was to into the themes

I robot, very fun and cleaver, I also like the atomic age vision of the future

Foundations series, I enjoyed it, but not as much as I Robot, it was cool to see where the popular concept of a Galactic Empire came from though. not too sure about psychohistory ever being a thing, but it was cool to see how it was played with and the mule fucking it up

2001 a Space Odyssey, obviously a beloved movie, really cool to see what could be done with even 60's special effects (same time the Enterprise was on fish strings and a decade before Star Wars), the realistic space mission was cool too, and Hal and the Monoliths are awesome. I'm not nuts about the ending though even if it is so beloved.

Halo, I really liked this series as a kid, though I have come to feel its a bit too Militaristic for my tastes these days, I still love the Covenant (especially Elites) designs and the depiction of large scale astro engineering, probably that is what has stuck with me the most and is what I think of when I think of these things.

Mass Effect, Just played the first one and I have seen the second and most of the third, I admire the character based aspect of the series and a lot of it is real interesting, the main plot though doesn't do much for me.

Stargate, just a real fun tough and cheek series, not the best but fun, I also like the idea of modern humanity exploring the universe.

Neon Genesis Evangelion, famous and controversial anime, crazy giant impractical technology, with a cool underground base. I'm ambivalent about the character and themes and have never managed to make up my mind about it. this series owes a lot to 60's and 70's sci fi and might be enjoyed by people who like that stuff.

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