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What are some of your favorite Science Fiction
Some more, along similar lines:
Stephen Baxter has written some of my favourite books, including the Manifold series and the Xeelee Sequence.

Greg Bear also wrote some fine stories, such as his stories about The Ships of the Law and the Eon universe. Queen of Angels was also good.

I'm still a great fan of the 2000AD comicverse, which includes not only Judge Dredd (much funnier and darker than in the movies) but also Zenith, Halo Jones and Lobster Random, and much more.

And Doctor Who, which is another thing entirely. Really soft SF/fantasy nowadays, but was a pioneer in may ways, introducing cyborgs and a sense of deep time to the public consciousness, and the original Matrix virch...

Red Dwarf, a truly funny SF comedy, with very good SF tropes in the bargain.

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