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What are some of your favorite Science Fiction
I'm surprised that so far noone mentioned the Terminator-films I and II (I don't like the other ones). Furthermore the 'Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles' is also really well made. Okay, let's see ...

Films and TV series:
  • Solaris (1972)
    OA relevance: at least S:2 level(?) xenosophonts, first contact scenarios. Perhaps something like simulationism or enhanced reality (look under 'related articles'). A form of repeated mind forking coupled with neogen human-like creations can also be found in the film since one of the main characters is created from the memories of another and interacts as an eidolon with "her" environment. In any case you should really take a look at this film. It's very philosophical and thought provoking.
  • Contact (1997)
    OA relevance: xenosophonts and first contact scenarios and a scientifically dubious (?) depiction of wormholes.
  • The Abyss
    OA relevance: xenosophonts, first contact scenarios
  • Terminator I and II, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
    OA relevance: A-human AI
  • Zettai Kareshi - Absolute Boyfriend
    OA relevance: erotobots, synthetic humans and some of the issues and reasons which led to the foundation of the Synthetic Human Alliance.
  • Babylon 5, Crusade
    OA relevance: Xenosophonts, Archaeology, partial grey goo scenarios, Gengineering, Mindjacking, perhaps even ascension, although it's certainly not portrayed in the way it is portrayed in the OA setting. (Look here)
  • Star Trek (but only those episodes and movies which contain the Borg and Q and some more philosophical episodes; and I also don't like Voyager)
    OA relevance: Well, lot's of stuff like Void Ships, because almost all vessels within the series use the Alcubierre Drive for faster-than-light travel. Then we have "xenosophonts" (basically humans acting like xenosophonts Wink) and synthetic humans, wormholes and lots of other OA relevant stuff. There's also this interesting scene, which shows, what would happen during an Intertoposophic Conflict. Although the scene itself is kind of illogical if one looks at it from the entire context of the series, the scene itself is still interesting, if taken out of context. If you want a reallife example for how an intertoposophic conflict might look like in the very far future, just type in "Watson plays Jeopardy" in youtube search. Wink
  • The Matrix Trilogy including the Animatrix and from the Animatrix I specifically like "The Second Renaissance Part II" - it's horrible and morbidly fascinating to watch the emergence of The Matrix virch even though the trilogy itself as well as the Animatrix contain a lot of logical absurdities but it's still interesting to watch.
    OA relevance: Basically partial(!) bottleworlds, A-human AI and it's also an example for an intertoposophic conflict.
  • Dark Angel
    OA relevance: gengineering, nearbaselines, superiors, ghost net (because there is a whistleblower network in the world of the series, which is trying to uncover various corporate/government "mishaps" and so on)
  • The Sentinel
    OA relevance: nearbaselines (without intelligence modifications)
  • Johnny Mnemonic
    OA relevance: memory modification, enhanced dolphins and I guess a form of "electrosmog" and/or "soobooism" (?)
  • Earth 2
    OA relevance: Lots of OA relevant stuff but xenosophonts and first contact scenarios play an important role here.
  • seaQuest DSV
    OA relevance: Again there's a lot of OA relevant material; gengineering and provolution for example.
  • Outer Limits, specifically episodes like 'The New Breed', 'Stream of Consciousness' or 'Unnatural Selection'.
    OA relevance: Most Outer limits episodes are OA relevant. Stream of Consciousness for example features a S:0 level perversity similar to the Bolobo Mind Control Scandal. The only difference is in singularity levels. The Bolobo scandal has been caused by an S:1 level mind, while the perversity in the episode is clearly somethere on a baseline human intelligence level and may not even be completely sentient. In any case switching off the network was far too easy. Wink
  • Time Trax
    OA relevance: pro-human Artificial Intelligence (not sure about the maximum toposophic level but SELMA is cleary a turing-level ai, who uses an eidolon (or something similar) to communicate with Darien), one episode features a synthetic human. Then we have superiors in the series: Just compare this EG-article with the introduction for the series. The first half of the video summarizes some of the abilities of a superior in the EG-article.
  • Sliders
    OA relevance: Even though interdimensional travel, as depicted in the series, is impossible in OA (unless of course you're in a virch), the concept itself reminds me of the Sol Multiverse. Look at the Kromaggs for example.

Okay, let's take a look at some memorable anime, which may sometimes but not always (!) contain something loosely associated with the OA setting:


Okay, some sci-fi-books...
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