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What are some of your favorite Science Fiction
Aside from many that have already been mentioned I'll just list a few from grade school through college that I remember fondly. And there are some whose titles I, unfortunately, cannot remember.

Stranger From the Depths by Gerry Turner - I ordered that from the Scholastic Book Club sometime in grade school. I also purchased story collections of both Lovecraft and A.E. Van Vogt from Scholastic.

In my grandparents' house were found a few volumes of Tom Swift, Jr. belonging to my uncles. (They also had some New Wave stuff like The Fall of Chronopolis and Joanna Russ' Picnic On Paradise but I honestly don't remember all that much about those.)

The Junior High library contained Heinlein's Tunnel in the Sky. His The Star Beast was also read.

Across a Billion Years by Robert Silverberg - My high school library had that. My first encounter with a Dyson Sphere. Sturgeon's The Cosmic Rape was also there as well as some others with forgotten titles. It also had The Satanic Mill - but that's not science fiction. :-)

Somewhere around high school to college I read the Foundation series and in college, for a English course in Science Fiction no less, I read The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volumes I, and II. That was well worth the investment!

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