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one can (never) cure cancer?
(11-25-2014, 12:48 AM)chris0033547 Wrote: However if you look at the comments under the timeline-graph, you can see one specific comment from someone called 'Diego Delgado'. Here's the video from the comment:

So according to the expert Ido Bachelet significant advances for various forms of cancer treatment (maybe even a cure or in other words a 100%-five-year-survival-rate for all forms of cancer?) may become possible somethere around 2020? Because the video itself was posted in 2013 and Dr. Bachelet mentions that the DNAbots in the video may become usable in humans after five years.

I seriously wonder now, what to think about Dr. Bachelet. It seems that he's trying to significantly speed up his research or something like that:

As you can see from the reddit-discussion specialists in the field are really sceptical about all this, while others say that this guy is actually a renowned scientist and also met Shimon Peres last year:

Quote:Dr. Ido Bachelet, a returning scientist from MIT who completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School, discussed the nanorobots he is developing from molecular DNA which can help epileptics, check when diabetics need insulin and how much, and can identify twelve types of cancer and kill cancer cells without affecting healthy cells. Bachelet has given three demonstrations to the US Food and Drug Administration and is hoping to be able to start clinical tests within a year.

I doubt that Peres would meet a - sorry for the crude word - charlatan. On the other hand one commenter on reddit mentioned the Schön scandal. But then again why would a renowned scientist like him lie about his advances? Not to mention that he has a sick daughter:

nextbigfuture-article Wrote:Ido's daughter has a leg disease which requires frequent surgery. He is hoping his DNA nanobots will make the type of surgery she needs relatively trivial - a simple injection at a doctor's office.

If all his claims are nothing but hot air then I believe that he would be basically risking his career and his job. And I doubt that he would risk all that, because his daughter needs him and he probably needs to have a stable job with a stable income for her needs. Anyway here's another older article about all this:

The way, I understand it so far, Ryan's main arguments that these "bots" of his are actually no bots at all still stands. And then he says that his "bots" will "scan" the body for cancer cells, it doesn't seem to be like that either. The way, I understood the reddit-thread-comments, he will inject billions of these "nanocontainers" into the patient and they will simply float around inside the body until some of them bind to a target cell (e.g. cancer cell) and then the container should open due to the contact with the cell's surface and release its deadly payload, which can be something like EBC-46 or something else I suppose?
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