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Hi there. This project still working?
(12-16-2014, 11:18 AM)Bear Wrote: I think that for AT LEAST these first couple, I will go through the Setting Discussion forum. I think they're consistent with what I've read so far and probably good plot devices or settings for writing stories around, but aside from reading a lot of the EG articles I don't know what direction this project is trying to develop in, so I wouldn't want to go haring off in some other.

Just to provide some additional information on this issue...

This page HERE is more or less what passes for our 'Mission Statement' and what we're on about. OA has been around for over 10yrs now and has been growing all that time. The primary basis for describing the setting itself is the EG, but we also include member artwork, fiction, poetry, music, and videos within the scope of the project. We are also open to considering whatever other ideas members may have for exploring and presenting the OA setting.

By all means, post the initial ideas to the Setting Discussion page. But if you've got some additional thoughts for how these might be presented or how we might present the overall setting or aspects of it, please feel free to share. Even if we determine an idea isn't something that would work for the project, we're a pretty laid back group and aren't going to rip your head off or anything.

Looking forward to seeing your ideas.


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