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Graphene applications
(12-28-2014, 10:40 PM)Rynn Wrote: A while ago I had an interesting chat with a solar panel engineer who opined that efficiency isn't really an issue with solar panels. Obviously a 100% increase would be great but in his view people focused too much on efficiency, the stumbling block to solar implementation hasn't been efficiency for a long time. Rather it's cost of producing/installing panels, the environmental impact and (not so much a problem now but increasingly becoming one) storage of energy.

Along similar lines I was chatting to my partner about how common it is now to see solar panels on top of UK houses compared to 5 and 10 years ago. In the course of the conversation we stumbled across this wiki page, the chart at the top is very impressive! I fervently hope the trend continues.

Sadly this increase in photovoltaics is heavily subsidized.
In Czech Republic (where I live) this caused considerable increase in electricity prices, so people are now alergic to whole renewable deal.
If that was not enough audit revealed that many plants have been running literaly 24/7 meaning that the owners blasted them with floodlights in night.

Personally I hope this increase stops until the prices are competetive. People in wealthy countries can withstand rising price but it can be devastating for those who are not well off .

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