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I've been reading Orion's Arm for a few months now. I hope to gain enough familiarity with everything to be able to make contributions.

Currently in my head, over the last few years I have developed a science fiction universe in my head. In my universe there is a planet where humanity developed that is not Earth, there are no aliens, and there is fictional matter that can reactionlessly propel a ship through space-time at the speed of light. I have developed many stories in my head, which have been honed down literally for years to have an extremely logical progression of events, forgoing dramatic and interesting plot concepts for the sake of physics, previously established rules and stories, and logic. I almost constantly pretend I am somewhere in the universe, doing my best to imagine that my surroundings are very different than what they are.

Although my current stories do not fit into Orion's Arm, I hope I can come up with ideas to contribute to this project. I have two questions though.
First, how active are the forums? Do people post often? After a small amount of browsing it seems the majority of posters are admins.
Second, how popular is the Orion's Arm site? How many visitors does it get per day?

I thank you if you read my whole post, and I hope you can answer my questions.

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