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OA: 'Radical Hard Science Fiction'
My only concern is that if we use the term radical (which does seem to apply to OA) it's going to sound ridiculous. We're presuming that someone who reads the front page is going to click on the link and read through the definition but that's not a safe assumption or IMO makes good 'business' sense. The front page needs to sell OA from the get go, it needs to adequately and concisely explain what we're about and what more there is to find out. It shouldn't require someone to click through links and read further definitions and justifications.

I suggest on the front page just having something simple like "hard sci-fi" or even avoid those terms completely and just say "science fiction grounded in speculative science today" with a clickable link for people who want to read about the definitions of hard, radical hard, conservative hard, rock hard etcetera.

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