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Warp and Reactionless drive topic
I'd like to hear just what experiments are supposed to have been done as a starting point.

Beyond that, even if it were to turn out that some sort of FTL/space warping effect were going on, that it is going on inside a device doesn't really lead to any kind of method of moving a ship from A to B in a hurry. You might get a way of moving light beams (or particles, or even macroscopic objects) from A to B in a hurry if A and B were connected by a conduit set up like this devices. There might be applications in that, but spaceflight wouldn't be one of them. There is also the issue of how much energy it might take to do this on any kind of scale we would find useful.

As you say, the hype of this stuff makes everything rather iffy. And too many popular science publications do a crappy job of actually reporting what is actually going on or being reported vs the story they think their readers want to hear or that they have produced after they've dumbed it down (I mean made it accessible to the layman - the two are not the same thing btw).


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