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Warp and Reactionless drive topic
Here's a detailed analysis of the topic on

Notably, NASA has confirmed the findings of reactionless thrust in a vacuum, and the calculations suggest that to travel to Alpha Centauri, and stop there, would take 130 years. A flyby of Alpha Centauri would take 92 years.

Now, if these findings are false, it's a pretty big false finding, considered that the results have been achieved multiple times by both NASA and a Chinese university. I think there's a strong chance the findings are true- it's not like the OPERA FtL neutrino anomaly, in which it was only measured by one team.

Assume the findings are true. What does this mean for OA?

I think this is a pretty big turning point for Orion's Arm. Do you continue adapting the past timeline to real-life events, even when they significantly alter the course of history, or is there a point at which you decide to stop following with real life and continue as an increasingly-retro 2000s sci-fi?

Because this finding would completely change the course of OA history.

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