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article about Nanotechnology on rationalwiki
(05-06-2015, 02:25 AM)chris0033547 Wrote: I just wanted to hear your opinions about the following article on RationalWiki:

Unfortunately, The Rational Wiki is a real mixed-bag. This isn't the only entry on there that I've seen that is liberally loaded with strawman arguments and other intellectual bullcrap. Written by Carl Sagan or James Randi, it wasn't.

I'll direct you to here.

So far as we know right now, Drexler's ideas of what molecular machines could do are theoretically accurate.

It's also worth noting, as Drexler himself did in Nanosystems, pointing out specific examples, that some of what he analyses in the work isn't necessarily what will or should be done, simply that as a worst case scenario [whatever] could work. An example of this is nanomechanical rod logic computers. Unsurprisingly, Drexler actually thinks that molecular manufactured computers would be based on solid state systems.

He also tends to be conservative by an order of magnitude, sometimes more, below what physics says should be possible.

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