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clearing bits far away from computation
If the implementation of the reversible operations generates more heat than the bit clearing, yah, it reduces to normal irreversible computing, which has been explored before. So I'm assuming reversible operations generate negligible heat. The bit clearing takes place at a distance, and doesn't have to be compact, so it can be lower temperature than if it were compact. The energy cost of clearing bits is linear with the temperature at which it is done. It's easy to radiate heat only outward, you use a reflector like a piece of foil.

The computing would all be at the center. It has temporary results (which it reverses), and long term storage. Most computing uses inputs of a little new data mixed with a lot of old results, or purely old results. Latency for fetching old results is small because the center is compact and the results are already all there in long term storage. Communication between computing elements is also fast because the center is compact. Every day it writes a little more long term data and throws away an equal amount of old data. The data being thrown away is continuously streamed out to the heat radiators by tossing rocks. Cleared bits, to write new data on, continuously stream in. Input from the outside universe can trickle in too. The tossing is even reversible. There's nothing at the center that in principle needs to consume energy or generate heat.

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