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clearing bits far away from computation
Meant to loop back to this earlier...

As mentioned, I can see more applications for reversible computing where heat needs to be minimized. A big one could be where there are large collections of nano computers, such as a major construction project in a fairly tight space. Another might be internal nano medical systems operating inside a biont body, which is sensitive to even fairly minor temp increases.

In terms of groups using RC, the Backgrounders were already mentioned. The Negentropists might make extensive use of it given their philosophy. Perhaps using it everywhere max computing speed isn't needed.

As far as the large decentralized system you describe, as mentioned earlier, the Backgrounders might go in for such a thing, both because it would be easier to hide and because they generally operate at a slower speed with much colder metabolisms and a slowed time sense. So the longer wait might not bother them. Such a construct might be made from a Kuiper body or interstellar planet orbiting thru space far from any star.

If you'd like to do a writeup for he EG about reversible computing in general and/or along the lines of any of the above or similar, please write it up and post it to the EG sub forum for consideration.



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