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clearing bits far away from computation
Sorry, new to the discussion groups, I didn't notice for awhile that the 11th post and onwards are on separate pages.

For virtual life where the internal computation is the entire universe, time to interact with the outside universe is a minor consideration. Small data could be beamed to the core and back by light, but yes large data would have to wait for rocks to be moved. I don't know if there are limits on how efficiently energy can be transferred from incoming rocks to outgoing rocks. I doubt that cold temperatures imply slow computations ... cold only implies low entropy. Defense against the outside universe would have to be addressed.

At the moment I'm stuck on the problem of packing a lot of matter into a small space, all at zero gravity. A tube shape has a major radius (central circle to the center axis) and minor radius (central circle to outside surface of the tube). A rotating tube could have centrifugal force mostly cancel gravity of the tube as a whole, but there's still gravity pointed down the minor radius, and variable centrifugal force for the inner and outer portions of the tube. Rotating the surface around the circle as well can cancel the gravity along the minor axis, but ... too many moving parts, I need to do a simulation.

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