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clearing bits far away from computation
(07-05-2015, 12:12 PM)Bear Wrote: No matter how you slice it though, there's no advantage. Clearing the bits locally at site A, and conducting the heat away to site B using a superconductor, will under NO circumstances be less efficient than swapping bits from site A to site B using a superconductor, clearing them producing the heat at site B, and swapping back to site A using a superconductor.

So... even if it doesn't slow down computation at all, why would anybody do it?

It wasn't swapping bits from A to B using a superconductor. It was packaging garbage bits into a rock at site A and throwing it to site B, B clears them, then B throwing rocks full of cleared bits back to A. The advantage (over superconductors) is that the space between A and B can be empty, instead of filled with matter. For example A being a sun-sized core and B being shell at the distance of Pluto. The advantage of packaging garbage bits instead of heat in the rocks is that heat radiates and garbage bits don't.

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