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clearing bits far away from computation
(03-27-2016, 01:44 PM)Bob Jenkins Wrote: I'm still stuck on the mass distribution / stability of the central core. I'm getting closer to being able to simulate it, I have a high precision floating point library and interpolation working now.

I've got interpolation of the attraction of rings to rings working, and I have an orbit simulator again (in C++), but haven't added rings attracting rings to the simulator yet. I found a way to stabilize my doughnut-shaped Dyson swarm so that precession doesn't hurt it ... mass in an inner orbit makes it precess one way, while the mass of the swarm itself makes it precess the other, so they can be balanced. The central core of the design above is a bunch of nested swarms. It's looking like having it metastable is possible. I had expected it to need constant energy expenditure to correct precession, but no, it probably only needs monitoring and stationkeeping.

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