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Samsung's OLED Screens
(06-12-2015, 11:49 AM)JohnnyYesterday Wrote: ...

*Windows, windshields, and HUDs make sense, but that's it.

Maybe just the transparent screen by itself with nothing behind it doesn't seem very useful beyond 'hologram'-style graphics or Augmented Reality displays.

But Samsung's been making these flexible, thin screens for applying onto flat or moderately-curved surfaces with magnetic strips/panels. The best way of having functionality with aesthetic might be to stick it on a blank wall, maybe? A glassy surface on your wall could be less of a distraction than a black screen until you turn it on. Still, practicality...

I think this kind of screen combined with opacity-changing smart glass could see more use as something practical / multipurpose, though.

Those smart, paper-thin computers everyone loved talking about a decade or two ago are starting to take shape, maybe....

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