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pictures, generated by Google's neural nets
I saw this story the other day, really neat. As I understand it the images are created by getting image recognition software to look for a specific pattern in a picture (either of something or simply a picture of static) and then get the software to alter the image to emphasise what it's found. That new image is then fed back into the software again so that over time it keeps finding and drawing patterns. One of the useful things this has done is the dumbbell picture, the image software added arms revealing that it had erroneously learnt that dumbbells have arms, probably because in most pictures people are using them.

Things like this are interesting but how they help is even more fascinating. I can't help but wonder if this could also be an early indication that if we don't teach neural networks correctly they can find patterns where none exist. The last thing we want if we start using smarter and smarter software to run our lives is for them to go off the deep end and find conspiracy theories everywhere! Less flippantly a characteristic of schizophrenia is perceiving patterns in random data (it's called apophenia), don't want that in our software.
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