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pictures, generated by Google's neural nets
This is pretty spectacular... and in addition to being spectacular, could be quite inspiring for OA purposes! Some thoughts:

In commentaries, I've seen people considering expanding this into 3D and/or video, as well as an audio version. One person comparing it to drugs also said that something similar may go on with hallucinogens in terms of hypersensitivity to meaning and emotion. With the resources of OA, I could easily see beings having the ability to generate incredible multisensory virtualities out of random data, encompassing all the senses, not only external but internal perceptions as well. Which could be really interesting. And there'd be more control than, well, drugs, especially since they could prime them with whatever sort of data they want. Potential for entirely new genres of art, recreation, storytelling...

This could also, of course, go incredibly wrong. Hypersensitive AI, or just sensitive to the wrong things AI (like the dumbbell thing) could be major issues in the Interplanetary Age. I wonder if something like that could've been a problem in the Nanodisaster.

I also think this could provide an insight into the sort of thing that might go wrong during Bloatware. So much processing power... no idea what's significant... no idea how to integrate it... EVERYTHING IS FOUNTAINS AND ANIMAL PARTS! Not literally, but this could help look at the psychology of transapient madness...
(On a personal note, I may do something like that with Dragon Liver, overseer of Dilmun system, who's going to come down with a bad case of bloatware.)

Another area of particular relevance is the Panvirtuality. I could easily see denizens of the Panvirtuality deriving from these sorts of AI hallucinations. For that matter, entire Panvirtuality realms could come from them. Imagine a personality detector/emulator that gets hypersensitive and creates "uploads"... really new AI... out of random noise! Or just taking a bunch of pattern recognition or simulation data and turning it inwards, like if the realms of fountains and arches became full environments. Especially in consideration of the recursive possibilities, wherein zooming in on one environment reveals more inside. I could see these kinds of things coming into existence both intentionally and unintentionally... depending on their basis, they could range from quite recognizable (if surreal!) to completely alien.

For that matter, the Sephirotics are diverse enough that some stuff like that could exist there too, it just seems like one potential way of fleshing out (byte-ing out?) the Panvirtuality.

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