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greetings, people. greetings and salutations.
how is everyone.

i stumbled across this from, i think, a twitter link about six or so weeks ago and then didn't visit again till yesterday. i joined the forum and want to do the perfunctory 'hale and well-met' to everyone around.

about me: i'm a human mammal, approximately 30-60 years of age. weight indeterminate. i'm an ESL teacher by profession. i also write english language textbooks, edit college papers and compose speeches and letters of congratulations for friends and family when any of them pay enough. i've taught in many cities here in the US, and i lived and worked in asia and africa for about five years. i have a bachelor's in history and linguistics from the university of texas at austin, and an english teaching certification. my area of focus in linguistics was indo-european historical linguistics, and my area of preference now is morphosyntax. i consider myself a grammarian and etymologist, but also something of an expert in PIE.

about how i'd like to contribute: i enjoy world-building but i'm mostly an exceptional short story writer. i tend toward writing 'over the shoulder' 3rd person narrative; this means that there's not a huge amount of exposition in my pieces and you only get to see slightly more than what the characters themselves see, and you don't easily get to know their thoughts, the reality around them and the motives for their actions only become clear as the narrative progresses.

additionally, i don't like writing about powerful, famous or fabulously wealthy individuals. i do enjoy writing about historically momentous events (first contact, post-apocalypse, emergence of ASI) but from the 'over the shoulder' viewpoint of average or 'poor' characters. these designations could apply to their societal level, wealth, intelligence, public recognition, etc., etc. where the event is again, not spelled out, but only suggested or dimly illuminated from their low vantage and culturally-socially skewed filter. if any one wants to read examples i have a slew of them, and again i like short stories so they're not things that have to be trod through.

about how i can contribute: i am a linguist, with an inborn talent for learning, processing and constructing languages. if anyone needs help in this regard i can offer it, i just prefer writing narrative.

i'm happy to be part of the community. hope to get to know y'all better in the future.

my real name's travis, by the way.
your praise is sweet

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