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greetings, people. greetings and salutations.
(07-08-2015, 07:44 AM)Bear Wrote: Heh. Another language construction hobbyist? And I thought I was likely to be the only one on the forum. I got to it via computer linguistics - a lot of my jobs have involved making computers come closer to understanding written text, and along the way - even just deciding what statistics you need to gather to train your systems - you learn a lot about linguistic structures and your interest deepens. So of course I eventually turned it on its head and made up my own language for keeping a diary in, exploring different combinations of linguistic elements to see how well things work together.

Welcome and well met.

i am not technically a language construction hobbyist. i do construct language when necessary, but i've only ever done it on an ad hoc basis, and never to complete fluency. i will create the rudiments of a language for my characters if the narrative process demands it or will be improved by it. i don't really do it for the sake of the invention process itself.

having said that, i do recognize the difficulty of it, and i am fascinated by the incredible complexity of conlangs as they evolve in communities.

at my alma mater comsci students had to take one or two classes in linguistics, the very basic course numbers (we call them LIN 306 and 308, i don't know if there is 'LIN 101'). i met a lot of my future buddies in these classes as their usually more mathematically-attuned minds offered a refreshing and elucidating contrast to the general linguistics student.

happy to make your acquaintance.
your praise is sweet

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