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(07-16-2015, 07:54 AM)Centauri5921 Wrote: Welcome to Orion's Arm! Look forward to seeing what you contribute! Smile

Thank you! My strengths are certainly in fiction but certainly before I do anything of the sort I'l need to familiarize with as much of the lore and canon as I can, this project has so much depth it's unreal :o

(07-16-2015, 08:33 AM)Drashner1 Wrote: Hi! Welcome to OASmile

We have all kinds of people here with all kinds of backgrounds and our attitude is that everyone has the potential to bring something valuable to the table. So a lack of math skills isn't really an issue, generally speaking (at least until you get into high grade physics where few or none of us have the background and the people who do aren't available right then:p).

As far as your question about wormholes - Some real life (RL as we call it here) articles on WHs that I've seen talk in terms of them acting like a sort of 'negative gravitational lens', meaning that (as I understand it and IIRC) light passing through the wormhole, or it's immediate environs would be bent outward away from it rather than inward toward some 'focal point' at some distance from it. So, you could potentially detect that effect telescopically and there have actually been proposals that telescopic searches be conducted to look for that kind of thing.

Beyond that, and moving to the OA universe, we do say here and there that apparently wormholes can be detected over interstellar distances, but we've never said how or what is being detected. The most hard science answer would be that OA telescopes are good enough to detect the bent light mentioned above. A less hard science answer would be that the wormhole is emitting something (particles, radio waves, gravity waves, something else) that even modosophont or low transapient tech can pick up over interstellar distances.

Hope this helps and once again, Welcome to OA!


Thank you for the greetings, the reassurance and the illumination. Hope to get involved as soon as I can come up with a lore abiding story.

(07-16-2015, 02:38 PM)TSSL Wrote: Hey, we're the same age Big Grin
I'm not very math-y either, and I'm also fairly new here, but everyone's been wonderfully inviting and I've gotten some articles started, so it looks like you should be in good company and have plenty of opportunities Smile

Excellent stuff, glad to see it isn't just me around here who isn't math-y Smile so what are you working on at the moment?
"Billions and billions of stars." - Johnny Carson

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