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i'm tantric, i'd like to bring the funk to OA
(08-17-2015, 11:20 PM)Rynn Wrote: Welcome to the forums Tantric Smile religions in OA have been a hot topic recently so I'm sure many will be interested to hear your thoughts. In regards to plagues in the early time line (I presume you mean before the great expulsion?) there are examples of artificial plagues that caused a lot of problems:

yes, in our near future - did the bird flu pandemic ever hit? any other outbreak? new diseases arising? things that have weird echoes, like we see children singing 'pocket full of poseys we all fall down' and having no understanding of the black death. india from that stage is pretty blank - a great dying? new religions? or perhaps a new virus sweeps through africa, killing those with compromised immune systes with great efficiency, and effectively ending the AIDS disaster. terrorist use of a prion weapon.

but that's all dreary awful shit. i want to keep the funk alive. Parliament/Pfunk came with a vibrant postmodern SF mythology, about the return of StarChild, his enemy, Sir Nose d'Void aFunk. etc. i want to work this into ghetto buddhism, with StarChild as the Maitreya.

this, basically, amended to fit the world as it is:

Quote:he next buddha will have skin the color of dirt, six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot. oh, yeah, and a freakin' righteous 'fro. and sunglasses - 'cause you gotta wear your sunglasses, so you can feel cool.

after he encounters nirvana, he will be tested. the MAN, lord of addiction and greed, will rise up before him and offer him all the moneys of the world. the buddha will look up and say "they are but ones and zeroes to my eyes, " and the money will burn and the gold will rust into dirt.

next the MAN will tempt the buddha with all the luxuries of the world, technology and gadgets beyond number. the buddha will glance at them and say, "they are but junk to my eyes, but please, recycle" and the luxuries and gadgets and stuff will dissolve into its component atoms, then rearrange as the trees, earth, ores and hydrocarbons from which they were made.

then the MAN will threat with all the armies of the oppressors. guns will be aimed, missiles will be armed, bombs will lock on target. the MAN will push his button and the weapons of hell will fly. then the buddha will look upon them and smile, and they will turn to flower petals and tabs of LSD and rain down upon the peoples.

at last, the MAN, knowing he has lost, will challenge "you are alone, who will know your accomplishment?" and the buddha will look towards the camera and smile, "the world is my witness".

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