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400 million years to build a planet?
I think I'm going to write something about Iota Librae. It's a quaternary star system (two B-type large dwarf stars orbiting each other about 15 AU apart, two smaller G-type yellow dwarf stars orbiting each other about 230 AU apart, and the second pair orbiting the first pair at a distance of about 6600 AU).

And I'm postulating that there's probably a very interesting volume in the Lagrange points leading and trailing those two yellow stars, where raw materials far exceeding what's available in a normal protoplanetary accretion disk are likely to have coalesced into a bunch of major planets and moons and minor asteroids in enormous halo orbits. It could be a very interesting place. Four very bright stars overhead, very weak solar radiation available from them, lots of raw materials and no nearby suns. Damn cold and mostly dark.

At the same time, two G-type yellow dwarfs - the ideal star for an earthlike planet to be near. And two B-type stars, perfect for starlifting darn near a solar mass each out of in order to extend their lives as well as get massive amounts of building material in one place.

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