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Suggestion: New Page for Organizations
Hey everyone,

Just a suggestion that I'm making here - forgive me if I'm getting a bit ahead of myself with this idea, haha. I was just gonna suggest that a new page be created specifically for organizations. If such a page were to be created, it should probably be under the "Culture & Society" section of EG. Just as the "Personalities" page has a number of subpages for different types of sophonts (ascended/non-ascended and such), a page on the organizations of the OA universe should probably have a few too - the first ones that come to mind are "Churches" and "Institutes" (we already have a page on institutes anyway, I believe). If possible, the article on religion could have its name changed to "Churches and Religions" to include articles based on both belief systems and churches themselves. For convenience's sake, I feel that "Megacorps" could also be linked from here - the article seems to be linked only to economics from Culture & Society. ;p

I feel that this page could be useful to make pages on different organizations easier to find - there are bound to be quite a few articles detailing organizations that cant exactly be described as either churches or institutes, after all. ;p

Once again, please forgive me if I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here - just a small addition I thought the community may find useful. Big Grin


EDIT: If we decide to go along with this idea, I think "Groups & Organizations" could be a nice name for the article itself. ;p

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