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Suggestion: New Page for Organizations
Here's a rough draft for the Groups & Organizations page - let me know if you feel it should be longer:

Groups & Organizations

As Terragenkind has spread throughout the stars, it has witnessed the rise and fall of trillions of different groups and organizations, some of which are restricted to a single planet or hab, others of which may span across solar systems. There are many different types of organizations existing for many different reasons - some organizations exist solely for the gain of profit (such as the Megacorps), whilst some others exist for the purpose of gaining knowledge on different topics (such as the Institutes). Nearly all large organizations are directed by one or more transapient(s), whilst much smaller organizations are commonly run by one or more modosophont(s). Although there is no denying the huge influence of the Megacorps on the Terragen Sphere at large, for every Megacorp in existence, there are an even greater number of smaller, less-rich groups, some of which have been listed below:

Algol Broadcasting Foundation
BoB (Board of Boards)
Humanity First!
Simply Connect!
League of Legitimate Businessbeings
Universal Rescue

Let me know if you have any more suggestions for organizations that could be included here - preferably not Megacorps/Institutes/Churches, as those are covered pretty well on other pages. ;p

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