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Voices: Future Tense Issue 31 Now Available + An Announcement
Hello all,

Issue 31 of V:FT is now available for your reading pleasure.

In addition to letting you know about that, I would like to direct your attention to the announcement we are making this issue. Please look it over and, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post them here or contact us directly, either via the Contact Us feature on the site, or by sending a PM to myself or the Admin you like bestSmile

Message reads:

After due consideration, the OA Managing Board has decided to put Voice: Future Tense on hiatus for a time.

Much of what V:FT now does, such as highlighting new entries to the Encyclopedia Galactica, or real life research papers, or articles that discuss ideas relevant to the OA setting are handled on a larger scale, and better, on our various social media pages.

In terms of stories, the fluctuating nature of the contribution process makes it very difficult to predict when new stories will become available, how many we may have for a given issue, or whether we will have any at all. In addition, the public nature of the story development process, while benefiting from the ideas and feedback of any member who wishes to join in, also may result in stories that most members have already read multiple times before the issue of V:FT containing it goes public. Which somewhat defeats the point.

This is not to say that we don't plan to publish any more stories set in the OA universe. Far from it! Our members were producing fiction set in the OAverse long before V:FT was created, and we certainly plan to continue doing so and encouraging others to continue to do so. The main difference will be that stories will go directly onto our Stories page, rather than passing through V:FT first. If you are working on, or considering, a story set in the OA future, please don't stop on our account!

As far as what the future holds...

First, Voices: Future Tense will continue through the end of 2015, with the last issue coming out at the end of the year.

Second, between now and then we will be giving some thought and discussion (and possibly asking you, our members to give us some feedback and ideas) on ways that we might perform the functions of V:FT more effectively (possibly under the V:FT 'brand' or possibly not) . This might take the form of increased use of social media, use of other methods and tools, presenting content on the OA website differently, or some combination of all of these. Or something totally different. It hasn't been decided yet.

Whatever we come up with, we will be sure to keep you, our members, up to date on the changes as they take place.

Thank you for your continued support and remember:

The future isn't here yet - but don't worry - it will be.


Editor - Voices: Future Tense
Thanks for all your work on this in the past Todd Smile it's been great
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