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 Happy Spring Break! - Call for Spring Issue Submissions
And now for something completely different.

For our Spring issue, we've decided to try something new. Specifically, for this issue we are opening up Voices:Future Tense to non-OA, non-canon compliant submissions.

Have you got a story idea that you really like but it doesn't fit within the OA universe? A story that almost fits but not quite? A story that you'd like to do that explores what the OA setting might be like if things had turned out just a little differently? Or a story that would parody the setting or some aspect of it? Well, now's your chance to share it with the world.

For our Spring issue, we are opening up V:FT to (nearly) any and all stories that people may wish to submit. Stories may be set in the OA universe or not, may be humorous or not, may be science fiction or fantasy. We do draw the line at pornographic, racist or other material that may be deemed inappropriate by the managing Board of the OAUP. OA canon compliant submissions are also always welcome.

Please have all submissions for the Spring issue posted to the OA forum or submitted to the project using the Contact Us link on the OAUP website no later than Friday, May 31st, 2013. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a potential story submission, please don't hesitate to use the Contact Us link to ask.

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