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Astronomers may have found giant alien 'megastructures' orbiting star near the Milky
IF (with a big capital IF) it is part of an alien dyson/matroshka node, the lack of an infrared peak would be more than logical as such a node would use the energy so efficently that it would only emit radiation marginally above the level of the background radiation. No instrument sensible enough to really detect this has been pointed at the star yet. Nevertheless, with a full matroshka node under construction you would probably expect a gradual dimming of the entire star as small elements of the swarm get added on all kinds of orbits and positions. So maybe it is a matroshka micronode deployed around a jupiter brain or something - this could fit the 22% obstruction meassurement. If they don't want to disassemble all planets / keep their home planet intact, this could be an explanation.
Or maybe a more compact node satisfies their demand for speed more than a streched out full matrioshka brain. Perhaps generally advanced civilisations start out transforming their home planet to computronim and then adding even more mass to their home planet to grow further. I mean, we are even nowadays used to real-time communications. I could imagine it would suck big time for a post-biological civilisation to wait 3 hours for a data transmission. So perhaps they would go as compact as possible - at least until they develop wormhole technology or any other means to transcend the speed of light. However - just some wild speculation, don't take it to seriously Wink

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