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New and Amended pages 20/10/15

New Pages
Santism :: SuPenguin :: Void Pocket :: Four Seasons Habitats :: Bennu Bio-Habitat :: Caving Drone :: Vots :: New Zaire
Amended Pages
China :: Artemis :: Bicameral von Neumann Machine Architecture
New Images
Merpeople :: Pluto

There may be a few articles we haven't put up yet, mostly ones that were submitted while I was on holiday; we'll announce those next month, probably along with a major update to the early part of the Timeline.
Nice! Big Grin

Also, I don't really know if this is the place or not, but I was gonna make a minor suggestion: could Bennu Bio-Habitat be changed to Bennu Biohab? I just think it sounded a little catchier. If the author doesn't want to change it, that's cool, was just a small suggestion. ;p
Done- thanks!
That article about the Void Pocket is very interesting - it help me to somehow visualize the ships of my setting using their Jump Drives. Also, the idea of a bio-habitat is fascinating! Smile

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