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Hurricane Patricia vs. Mexico
Hurricane Patricia is expected to make landfall on Mexico's Pacific coast later today.

It is a category 5 hurricane. But that's only because the scale goes no higher than 5.

Category 1 has sustained winds from 104-133 kph.
Category 2 has sustained winds from 135-154 kph.
Category 3 has sustained winds from 156-198 kph.
Category 4 has sustained winds from 199-220 kph.
Category 5 is everything higher than that.

Figure out what you think a consistent classification for an upper limit for category 5 ought to be.

Radar returns from Hurricane Patricia are showing 325kph sustained winds.

This planet's climate is no longer like that of the planet for which the scale was designed.
Well, if one follows the pattern for categories 1-4 then category 5 ought to have an upper limit of around 260kph. Further to that, category 6 goes from 261 to 285 or so and category 7 from 286 to around 326. So Patricia is category 7; upper end of category 7, at that.

I also think it's interesting that the 325kph quoted is well within tornado wind speed range; an F3 goes up to 205 mph which is about 330kph.
I have been looking at news, about what happened to Peurto Vallarta.

This is not something I thought weather was capable of.

Holy crap.

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