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A Cognitive Neural Architecture Able to Learn and Communicate through Natural Languag
Hmmm. Neural gating mechanisms, check. Executive Neural architecture making decisions and running subnetworks and symbolic machinery, check. At first I thought this was somebody I know, because I've been batting these ideas (and others) around with this guy for months. But it's a team of people and they're publishing from Texas A&M, not Stanford.

It looks like they did a lot of very complicated (and very successful! ) fixed design to make a learning system that is very specifically designed to learn language. I'm working on something a bit more drastically general in terms of self-evolving neural structural adaptation, but I didn't expect my creation to be able to handle language as well as this one does.

But, hmmm. It looks like every bit of that carefully designed system can be modeled as a state of the structure in terms of the structurally-adaptable neural net software that I've already written. So if I turn my 'self-mutation' bits off I could probably reproduce this result.

At the moment I'm bogged down in writing consistency checks so it doesn't self-destruct (again) the next time I turn the structural-adaptation functionality on. But what they've done is mostly made out of the same parts I already have software bits for, working the same way I put them working together.

This is SO COOL! This means I'm not completely crazy, and these parts actually WORK TOGETHER! This thing working this well means that what I'm doing can work too.

It also means I better light a fire under my butt, or somebody's going to beat me to publication.

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