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First gun made with 3D printer has been successfully fired
No article I can find has specifications of the gun. Anyone know the calibre? Is it lethal? I've heard it's pretty innacurate.
Have seen headlines on this here and there but this is the first article I've read on it. Given how readily available guns are in the US, I don't see it having much impact here. As far as the bit about making guns available everywhere, I think that's mostly libertarian twaddle (as with most such arguments it ignores the fact that in most cases governments can mount vastly more powerful weapons and that the idea of the brave freedom fighters taking down a major standing army is pretty rare and more often ends very badly for the freedom fighters). I don't know of anywhere on the planet where people can't get weapons (often much more dangerous than a mere handgun) if they really want them.

If you really want to keep people from killing each other with guns I would suspect that you have to develop a culture in which people are less inclined to commit murder in the first place.

In OA, weapons may or may not be readily available but even the most heavily armed modo is toast against a transapient let alone an archailect.


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