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Hey there. I've been a bit of an OA lurking geek for over a decade now. I still remember exactly how I came across it. When I was a kid I loved the Animorphs book series and there was a brilliant fan site on Geocities I used to always check out until one day I found it was no more. I looked the webmaster up and she was hosting this link page for "Transhumanism"; a term I was not yet familiar with. On it was a link to Anders Sandberg's palace of transhumanist information(It is brilliant to see it still lives) and from there I found Orion's Arm.

OA had a strong influence in my youth and young adulthood, training me to see the current state of affairs as a beginning and not an end. It also got me thinking about longer and longer timescales for the development of mindkind, I have thought on taking my experience with OA to creating my own setting about where we end up at the end of the stelliferous era one hundred or so trillion years from now.

I am mostly joining the forum to acquaint myself with the community and to lurk for awhile to see where and if I can help the project. I am looking forward to it, you're all champs in my book.
Welcome to Orion's Arm!

The end of the stelliferous era is an intriguing time to think about; Stephen Baxter describes one version, in his book 'Time', and Freeman Dyson describes another in his essay 'Time without End'
which I expect you will have read since it is on Anders' old site.

I suspect that some, or several, of the advanced planning simulations constructed by the Archailects of OA would be intended to explore such scenarios, perhaps in preparation, or just out of curiosity.
Heya. Welcome to OA! Always a pleasure to see new members! Big Grin
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Hi There!

Welcome to the groupSmile

Welcome to the forum Smile Lurking is fine, feel free to jump into any conversation if you want though.
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