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Greetings, but I think you are trying to do the impossible
I would love to address your statements one by one, but I quite honestly don't have a clue what any of your sentences are trying to say. I am however getting a basic vibe from what I think you're trying to say, and I'll do my best to defend against it.

Orion's Arm is a project, to which people who enjoy the concept of future technology and science fiction devote a lot of their time to, at no financial benefit. It is meant to be a realistic representation of the future, and indeed, from our standpoint, it is. Genetic engineering, very intelligent robots, societies run by artificial intelligences... Looking at the last 30 years of technological advancement, this does seem to be a path that humanity is taking. The setting is intended to be as realistic as possible.

And, that's the setting. We aren't predicting the future. And lots of us aren't authors, I know I've tried to write normal stories, such as with dialogue; and failed miserably. We here all just enjoy science fiction, and the concept of the setting. Of course we can't accurately predict how a super intelligent artificial intelligence would handle the ongoings of a society of billions. But we aren't going to not do it just because we can't.

The people here who contribute to Orion's Arm like science fiction, and they like to use their imagination to think up new ideas that fit into this unique science fiction setting. We have a setting; as realistic a portrayal of the future as currently humanly possible. The rest is all up to imagination. That is the one and only point.

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