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Illustrated Backstory on 1 page
Don't know how others may feel, but here is a suggestion.

Would it not be better to put the 10 pages of the Illustrated Backstory onto just 1 page?

This is just me and only my opinion, but it does seem it would be better to put onto one page.

Sorry if this offends, but not meant to.

I like the idea, not necessarily to replace what we have but to complement it. We could have a one page summary with the ten page as further reading.
Ultimately, it's perhaps time to look at doing an update of the illustrated backstory. Part of me is intrigued by the idea of some sort of animated, multi-media affair if only we could put something like that together.

In this scenario, we might replace the entire current backstory with a short movie or something.

As attractive as an animation or a short movie might be, it would require a very large investment of time to do properly and the payoff is similar as a less-invested medium, like a comic. I did do a version of the illustrated backstory last year, but the sound wasn't so good and quite honestly, the content wasn't appropriate for video format (I still have it if anyone wants to see it, edit it, or use it for some reason). In order to convey the large amount of very complex information in a very high quality way, I recommend a comic/ graphic novel of some kind.

If anyone wants to do an animation or a movie for the pleasure of making it, go ahead.

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