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Freefall Dancing
(01-29-2016, 02:19 AM)Rynn Wrote: RE movement in zero-G I think OA clades, especially those heavily space adapted, would be as agile and graceful in microgravity as fish are in the ocean. I've visualised free-fall habs before as being quite roomy but with lots of surfaces/objects spread throughout the place to swing, push or otherwise maneuver off of.

Senator Nelson visited my elementary class shortly after his shuttle flight and gave a half-hour discussion of his experience. One thing that stood out to me was his description of attempting to maneuver in zero-G for the first time: he pushed off using his legs like he was trying to move his weight in 1G. He slammed head first into the far wall of the shuttle's cabin and nearly knocked himself out. Thereafter, it was a matter of pushing around with fingers and toes. Carefully.

Like Steve said, wind streams might help move around more rapidly. The real advantage, IMO, would be aid in mid-flight maneuvering and braking so you don't smack head first into the far side of large rooms. Smile
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