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Your Articles?
I don't know if any of you are keeping count or anything, but just how many articles have you written for OA? (discounting those that are one or two lines long, as we have a lot of stubs). This might be difficult for older members who have likely written a ton, of course. Big Grin
James Rogers, Professional Idiot
I've never really bothered keeping count, but checking an old folder of completed EG entries, I had 52 there, plus 11 more than were collaborations. The oldest of those only goes back to 2006 however and even within that time frame the list is probably not complete.

I don't contribute as many articles as I used to (or would like) anymore, but I've been a contributing member of OA since 2001. I did a lot more contributing earlier in my time here, both in terms of EG articles and things like the OA Primer. I'm confident I'm north of 100 articles, but not sure how far north.

The OA Content Management System can generate a list of articles arranged alphabetically by author first name, but seems to top out at 1000 entries (it should be able to go up to 10,000, but something doesn't seem to be working). Unfortunately, that doesn't get us to my entries down in the T's.

I estimate about 10-15? If that Content Management list goes to K you can tell me!

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