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Where You Guys At?
So guys, where are you all from? I'm guessing I'm the only person from Ireland here, I imagine most folks here are from the UK/USA Big Grin be as vague as you wish of course, just dont say "Earth" or anything, lol
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Pretty much lived south England all my life Smile
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I moved from South England to North England, back to south England and back again - and here I am.
Not far on a universal, or even a global scale, but it seems quite a long way when you consider the dialects involved.
I've mostly lived in the New England states in the USA
I've been in far west Texas (this time) since 1985; before that, I lived (in reverse order) in southern Kentucky, southwest Germany, northeast Georgia, eastern South Carolina, and southern Nevada. Prior to moving to southern Nevada, I lived in far west Texas for ten years, and prior to that I lived in southeast Texas, central Alabama, northern Virginia, eastern Massachusetts, central Oklahoma, southern Florida, and central Massachusetts again. Not so wide a range on any but but a national scale.


EDIT: About three months after posting this, I retired from teaching and moved to a small town near Austin, Texas, where I am to this day (27 June 2017).

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I was born and raised in Alaska, went to college in Arizona (living there a total of nine years) and have spent most of 20yrs now living in Virginia.

I was born and grew up in Wales, spent a couple years in Manchester (North England), am now in Cambridge (East of England) for a year.
I lived in South Korea for the first eight years of my life, then moved to where a short drive could take me to the highest tides in the world. Canada, eh?
Born in Florida, lived in Wisconsin for most of my life, and have been in California for four years (hopefully many more to follow, I like it out here).
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I'm from Madrid, Spain but my family is from Galicia (Spain). So when i have holidays, i drive north to Galicia.

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