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Quantum life forms
Stripped to basics, the article is really just imagining that at some point in the past some alien race could have figured out how to upload their minds into their computers and might then go on to become even more technologically advanced than they already were, eventually reaching a level of intelligence and technology that would seem magical to us in the here and now.

None of that is really new, either by OA standards or Transhumanist standards in general.

If/when we figure out how to upload our minds into computers, then things like immortality, sharing thoughts, and possibly some form of group mind being created are all longstanding ideas in this area, along with other things. The article tries to put a new spin on things by waving the quantum wand, but in reality we don't know if quantum computers will ever be general purpose machines, nor are they believed to be required for uploading to work. There is also nothing to support the idea that, even if we mastered general purpose quantum computers, that this would lead to any level of control over the fundamental forces of the universe. It might. But it is just as likely that it won't, or that any such comtrol would come from something else, or be developed as a result of a civ being old enough or increasing its intelligence via conventional computers or the like.

Beyond that, the article isn't very well written and seems to be kludging a bunch of ideas together (virtually all of which I've seen before), without very good editing or transitions between them. I've seen better, including OA discussions and articles.

If you'd like to kick around the ideas in the article in more general terms, OA touches on a lot of them and we are generally up for a chatSmile

What would you like to talk about?


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