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New reader with a question about wormhole networks
(04-08-2016, 01:01 PM)somnolent Wrote: So I decided to start my reading adventure with Frei. Frei is a warm gas giant orbited by the Makrania Orwoods. It says the rings of this world have been converted into dyson trees. Does this mean that the dust and ice that make up the ring was converted into a habitat? Is it a ring-shaped structure orbiting the planet? Or lots of little structures orbiting in a ring?

Lots of structures orbiting in a ring, or "orbital band"

(04-08-2016, 01:01 PM)somnolent Wrote: Second question, it is easiest for me to imagine things from the perspective of someone as close to baseline as possible. Would a NoCoZo planet / orwood like Frei have something close to baseline humans, or humans with only "superficial" upgrades?

Most places in the sephirotics are pretty cosmopolitan so finding baselines/nearbaselines is likely. Keep in mind though that the NoCoZo is very market oriented. The less you augment yourself the more likely you'll be living off of free basic products and charity, not to mention being pretty low in the reputation markets.

(04-08-2016, 01:01 PM)somnolent Wrote: And a small discrepency/typo in the timeline: "Makrania Orwoods linked with a stargate to Graunstein - becomes a major resort and hedonics center." Occurs at both 3783 and 5783. 5783 is the date listed in the main Makrania Orwoods page, so I'm guessing the 3783 part is a typo. Graunstein isn't mentioned anywhere else on GE (yet).

Fixed. Thanks!
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