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New reader with a question about wormhole networks
The colonization in 3344 was by AIs who emigrated from the Dionysan Erotocracy during its breakup. It seems that the Dionysan culture originated in Dionysos on Psi-5 Aurigae ( According to Wikipedia that's in the Auriga constellation, which puts it near Perseus, Lynx and Gemini. That doesn't mean that Frei has to be in that area, but it might make sense if it were near there. The Frei page calls its star HJer.

The "locals" are described as technetes, a word that doesn't appear elsewhere in EG. From the description they are clearly sapients of some kind.

As long as we are filling in Frei history, the page says that the pair of ruling AIs leaves and a new pair takes over every 1000 years or so, with the first pair leaving sometime before 5783. That would make the current pair ( Ploutodotes and Euanthes) approximately the 6th, with of course much room for variation:

3000 - 5000?? Botryophoros and Polygethes
5000? - 6000? Sykrites and Kissokomes
6k - 7k ??
7k -8k ??
8k - 9k ??
9k? - 10k? (current) Ploutodotes and Euanthes

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